GIF animation

Window GIF animation is intended for creation 3D GIF- animation.

Note: It is better to avoid overlapping of main window and dialog GIF animation because in that case 3D- image for GIF- animation will be spoilt.


You can change sizes of Image Panel and List of frames with help of the mouse.

Standard Toolbar
new Create new file List of frames is cleared.
saveas Save GIF file User chooses file name in standard dialog box.
nextstep1 Next step Step-by-step review of animation in main window of program. It is intended for a choice necessary scene image to add it to GIF- file manually.
animation addimage Add scene image Manual addition of scene image to GIF- file. You can set parameters of added image.
delete Delete frame  
im up Move frame up Moving of images in List of frames changes animation.
im down Move frame down
animation addpath Add path to GIF Automatically adds scene images to GIF along animation path. If you selected animated GIF as a texture then you can use this button too. The process stops after pressing of this button or key Esc. There is limitation of the GIF size at automatic addition of scene images.
preview1 GIF preview  
help Help  

List of frames is located in the left part of the window GIF animation.
You can:
- add new frame to the list;
- delete, move up (down) selected image in the list;
- edit delay for separate image in animation.

Image Panel is located in the right part of the window GIF animation. It contains image selected from List of frames.

Status bar is located in the bottom part of the window GIF animation. It is intended for display of the size created GIF- file in bytes.

You can find ideas of GIF animation here.