Select banner size.

Group Size of Attributes Panel is intended for selection of banner sizes.


You can create standard size banners with the help of button select.

banner size

File sizes.txt contains list of standard banner sizes. You can edit it in any text editor to add your own frequently used banner sizes.
Each line in file sizes.txt specifies one banner size in the following form: width height name.
Width and Height are integer values in range from 1 to 1500.
Initial contents of file sizes.txt:
- Full banner ( 468x60 ),
- Full banner with vertical navigation bar ( 392x72 ),
- Half banner ( 234x60 ),
- Square banner ( 125x125 ),
- Button1 ( 120x90 ),
- Button2 ( 120x60 ),
- Micro banner ( 88x31 ),
- Vertical banner ( 120x240 ).
You can see size of selected standard banner in fields Width and Height.

You can create banners of any sizes with the help of spinedits Width and Height in the group Size. If you want to set banner sizes as picture sizes use style Picture in group Background.