Getting started.

GIF- file consists of multiple images (frames). These images are created with the help of internal image editor or any graphic application

such as Windows Paint, Adobe Photoshop and so on.

After installation of Active GIF Creator (AGIF) you can place wanted tools to Standard Toolbar (see Customize Toolbars) and set work parameters in dialog File / Preferences.

To create (edit) animated GIF you need some number of images (frames). For that you can:

      • load existent GIF- file (file with extension .gif) or project (file with extension .agif);
      • import bitmap strip, AVI or ANI- file;
      • paste image from clipboard (select menu item Image / Paste image or click the toolbar button paste of Standard Toolbar). Image with big number of colors will be transformed to 256- colored image; 
      • create new animation:
        - select menu item File / New or click the toolbar button new of Standard Toolbar;
        - add empty image to GIF (select menu item Image / New or click the toolbar button imgnew of Standard Toolbar). Color palette and initial width and height of this new image are defined in dialog File / Preferences on tab New. You can set image size or select standard banner size, shape and shape's color for this image. Then you can continue to draw new image by Image Editor;
        - you can add new image to GIF;
        - you can add button image to GIF from dialog Button Creator;
        - you can use previously created subimages and apply image operations to them.


    • Image Collections make possible to use images from bitmap strips for pasting them to editing frame;
    • there is an alternative method of GIF creation by using of Script Editor in AGIF.