new Export to GIF, PNG, JPEG.

You can:
- export created banner to GIF- file;
- save each image of GIF- file to separate PNG or JPEG- file.
You choose file name in standard save dialog box. Names of saved files are formed as <defined-name><ordinal-number>.png or <defined-name><ordinal-number>.jpg.
For example, if you define name as apple for GIF with three frames then exported PNG- files will be created: apple1.png, apple2.png, and apple3.png.
If GIF- file has single frame then you get PNG or JPEG- file without ordinal number: <defined-name>.png or <defined-name>.jpg.
File banner.ini contains parameter JPEGQuality which defines quaility of exported JPEG- files. This is an integer value in the range from 1 to 100 (default value is 100). You can edit it in any text editor to find balance between file size and wanted image quality.