Frame operations.

All operations you can do only with images selected in the List of images.


If there is a necessity in two or more identical frames, select wanted image and use menu operation Image / Operations / Duplicate or click the toolbar button i duplic of Standard Toolbar. New frame will have the same attributes as the current frame.


You can create a new image consisting of two and more images. For example, one image can be used as a background for other images placed on this background in different places. To merge all images checked in the List of images use menu operation Image / Operations / Merge or click the toolbar button i merge of Standard Toolbar. If two frames inside GIF have local palettes with different sets of 256 colors then the palette of merged frame will be converted to some new 256- colored palette. As a result of this operation you can get changed colors in merged frame.


  • you can try to apply operation Image / Attributes / Delete Local Palette for source frames before merging and then merge these frames;
  • you can set attributes of source frames before merging on tab Image of Attribute Toolbar.
Crop.Sometimes there is a necessity to use some rectangle part of an image as a new image. It can be made by selecting a necessary fragment with the help of menu operations Image / Operations / Crop or by click on the toolbar button sbcrop1 of Standard Toolbar.

Note: also you can select rectangle part of the image by drawing tool marquee in Image Editor and click the toolbar button sbcrop1 of Standard Toolbar.

Resize.You can change size of any frame and set resize method: Crop, Stretch, Stretch + smooth. For that select menu item Image / Operations / Size or click the button i size on the tab Image of Attribute Toolbar. Also you can change image size by mouse dragging of the marker on tab Edit of image area. Marker is located in the right bottom corner of the image. If you drag with pressed key Ctrl then image will be stretched. If you drag with pressed key Shift then image will be stretched and smoothed (note: in common case smoothing creates 256-colors local palette because it demands new transitional colors).

Rotate and flip.

With the help of AGIF it is possible to make image rotation on 180 degrees or to the left and to the right on 90 degrees. It is also possibly to flip images in a horizontal and vertical plane. These operations are available for execution in the menu items Image / Operations / Rotate and Image / Operations / Flip.

Effects.To use a set of tools for image modification select menu item Image / Operations / Effects or click the toolbar button i effects of Standard Toolbar.
Select tab with desired effect and set its parameters, then click button Apply to see effect's action. After pressing of this button you can edit effect parameters and see how they change the image.
Button Extract displays current image without new effects superposition.
Button Fix fixes current image with applied effect. It allows you to apply several effects to the image sequentially.
Particles.To put particles on your image or it's part select menu item Image / Operations / Particles.
You can set particle image and it's color, define how particles will be located on image. Button i particles f of this dialog makes fragment equal to full image area. It is convenient to change fragment position and size by using of mouse.

Note: if you want to put particles on specified image parts you can use particles as brush shapes. For that select the tab Edit in Image Area and click button brush shape on the page with brush forms in Image Editor.

particles particles
Transition.transition This operation gives effect of gradual substitution one image by other image. Select necessary image (except the last image) in the list and use menu item Image / Operations / Transition. You can set number of transitional frames and single delay for all transitional frames simultaneously.
  • Note: if the second image which substitutes the first image is transparent then all transitional frames will be transparent with the same transparent color.