Editing of animation parameters.

  • Number of loops in animation.
    You can edit this value with help of spinedit Looping on page Global of Attribute Toolbar. (If Attribute Toolbar is not present on screen - switch it on by selecting menu item View / Attribute Toolbar). In addition to loop counter there is a checkbox Infinite, which in checked state makes counter unavailable.
    There are another ways to change loop counter: select menu item Animation / Loop Counter or click the toolbar button loop of Standard Toolbar.
  • Value of delay.
    Each image in GIF- file has individual value of delay measured in one- hundredths of a second. For example, value 25 means a quarter of a second. You can edit value of delay with help of spinedit Delay on the tab Image of Attribute Toolbar.
    There are another ways to change delay: select menu item Animation / Delay or click the toolbar button delay of Standard Toolbar. You can define delay value for selected frame, or single value for all frames simultaneously.

    traffic For our example, we set delays in green and red frames as 300 (3 seconds) and in two yellow frames as 50 (half of a second).


  • Attribute "How To Remove".
    This attribute is used for definition of image mapping at the time of GIF- file browsing. It is located on the tab Image of Attribute Toolbar and has the following values:
    - Web Browser Decides (browser removes the image in the way it decides);
    - Do Not Remove (the image is not removed, the next image will be displayed over it);
    - To Background Color (replaces the image with the web page background color);
    - To Previous State (replaces the image with the image preceding it).


Default values of loop counter, delay, attribute "How To Remove" for new GIF are defined on the tab New in dialog File / Preferences (or by "hot key" F6).