Editing of global GIF- file attributes.

You can edit global attributes of GIF- file (size of logical screen, background color, global palette) by means of menu item Global or tab Global of Attribute Toolbar.


  • with the help of menu item Global / Size (i gifsize) you can change size of animated GIF- file;
  • logical screen may limit view of separate image but it will be stored in GIF- file in its full size so next time you can redefine size of logical screen and view hidden parts of the image.
    Checked flag Logical screen Auto in Attribute Toolbar means that size of logical screen will be recalculated after the following operations with images: add, delete, paste, offset, merge, rotate, crop, resize image. Automatic calculation is made by maximum sizes of all images;
  • background color defines color of empty spaces which are transparent when the animation is played in a web browser. It is selected from global palette. GIF may not include global palette (then each image must have local palette); in this case you cannot set background color and GIF appearence will depend on web browser and image parameter "How To Remove". Background color is used very seldom.