Optimization in Active GIF Creator.

The optimization of GIF- files is important for using of animated images on web- pages. Web- pages contain both text and graphic images. Total download time in the greater degree will depend on download time of graphic images than text. Therefore it is necessary to make GIF- files small, but sufficient to provide the necessary quality of animation.

Optimal number of frames.

GIF- file contains multiple images. Each image has individual value of time delay it will be shown. Also each image occupies some memory. Bigger number of frames leads to bigger GIF-file size and bigger load time. The more number of frames leads to better quality of animation, but increases size of GIF- file. So it is important to find balance.

Size and offset of image.

Sizes of source bitmap images influence the size of destination GIF, as images are stored in full size with any size of logical screen. (Logical Screen defines the workspace for GIF view). You can change size of the current frame or size of whole animated GIF.

If only part of animated picture will be changed you can create small images and define their offsets on logical screen. The great feature of GIF format is a use of images with different sizes. You can position each image in any place. It makes it possibly to use small images to animate only some parts of a picture. You may use crop operation to cut demanded part of an image.

Dialog "Optimize GIF".