Save file.

To save your animation as GIF- file select menu item File / Save GIF or click the toolbar button savegif of Standard Toolbar.

Note: GIF- files can be saved in unregistered copies of AGIF with additional text at the left top corner in each frame: AGif - UNREGISTERED.

To save your animation as a project in a file with extension .agif select menu item File / Save or click the toolbar button saveproject of Standard Toolbar. If selected project already exists then this command simply saves changes in it. Name of saved project is displayed in the caption of the main window. You can save your project with different names by selecting File / Save As.


  • it is better to save your original non- optimized GIFs as projects for their editing in the future;
  • in unregistered copy of the program (trial-version) your projects and GIF- files can be saved as projects; later in full-functional copy of AGIF you can produce GIF-file without text: AGif - UNREGISTERED;
  • animation script of project allows you to edit added script objects any time your load the project.
You can save GIF- frames as set of BMP, TIFF, JPEG- files, as AVI, or ANI- file (animated cursors). To do it select menu item File / Export and then BMP, TIFF, JPEG, AVI, ANI as file type.


  • AVI- format has single delay for all frames;
  • you can define number of loops in exported AVI in dialog Preferences on tab Export;
  • AVI- format has not "transparency" property for frames, so AGIF exports each frame from GIF as separate frame to AVI without transparency and superposition with previous frames.