About Easy 3D Objects


Easy 3D Objects lets you create 3D GIF- animations, banners and illustrations for the Web and presentation materials.

Program features:
- adds to 3D scene the following types of objects: dummy cube, sprite, plane, disk, cube, frustum, sphere, cone, cylinder, annulus, torus, arrow line, space text, mirror;
- edits parameters of objects;
- rotates and moves objects and groups of objects;
- fills objects by color or texture from BMP, JPEG (JPG), GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, TGA, ICO- files and Windows Metafiles;
- moves camera nearer/farther for viewing of 3D scene;
- moves camera at different angles to change the view of 3D scene;
- creates 3D GIF- animation;
- assigns paths to objects where they move during animation;
- copies 3D scene to clipboard in BMP- format;
- exports 3D scene to GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF (TIF), PSD, SWF and TGA- files;
- saves created 3D scene as e3d- file;
- supports multi- language interface.

Minimum System Requirements:
- Pentium Processor;
- 64 MB RAM;
- Graphics Adapter with 16MB RAM;
- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10;
- OpenGL 1.1.

See also Work steps.

Library GLScene ( http://glscene.org) was used for program development.