Work steps

Step 1. At first you can set working parameters. To do it select menu item File / Preferences or press the button pref on Standard Toolbar.

       You can set:

  • number of frames for your animation and step along animation path (greater step value accelerates animation) or duration of animation (product of step and number of frames);
  • limit the size of GIF- file during automatic addition of 3D scene images to GIF (when objects move along animation paths);
  • number of loops for animation.
Step 2. You can load earlier created 3D projects from files with extension .e3d (button open). Any project can be used as a template for creation of your own project. Tree of objects is intended for display of objects, included in 3D scene.
You can:
  • add new object to the necessary place of a tree (menu item Object / Add or appropriate popup menu item);
  • delete selected objects (menu item Object / Delete or appropriate popup menu item);
  • edit parameters of selected object (menu item Object / Edit or appropriate popup menu item, as well as buttonattrassor double click on the object name);
  • drag any object in a tree with pressed left mouse button and fasten it to necessary object in the tree;
  • change a view on created 3D scene: move camera nearer / farther (Ctrl+Shift+mouse or mouse wheel), move camera at different angles (Shift+mouse);
  • fully clear Tree of objects (buttonnew) for creation of your own project from emptiness.
Step 3.You can:
- save your own project in file with extension .e3d;
- save created 3D scene as BMP, JPG, GIF (non- animated) or PNG- file;
- copy image of 3D scene to clipboard in BMP- format;
- create animated GIF- file.