Examples of GiF animation

Animation is modeling of change of objects during the certain time period.

For creation of GIF animation select menu item Animation / GIF animation or press the button animation on Standard Toolbar. Window GIF animation will be opened.
Note: It is better to avoid overlapping of main window and dialog GIF animation because in that case 3D- image for your animation will be spoilt.

You can add scene images from the main window of the program to window GIF animation manually (button animation addimage) or automatically (button animation addpath).

  • to choose scene image from the main window for manual addition to your GIF- file use time slider located over Status bar;
  • there is a limiter of the GIF size for automatic process. You can set the GIF size if select menu item File / Preferences or press the buttonprefon Standard Toolbar.
  • the sizes of all frames of GIF animation should be identical. First these sizes conform to sizes of Image Panel in main window of the program. You can see them in Status bar;
  • you can set transparency of output GIF and edit delay for the current image;
  • you can edit number of loops for animation;
  • the color palette GIF contains no more than 256 colors.
Types of GIF animations:
  • change of position, orientation, size, elements of object. (example1)
  • change of material (color or texture). You can use animated GIF as texture. (example2)
  • change of properties of material. (example3)
  • change of degree of transparency of object material. (example4)
  • moving camera nearer / farther, moving camera at different angles. (example5)

Examples of animations.