Edit object

Edits selected object. You can select necessary object on 3D scene with help of the mouse and key Ctrl, also it will be selected in Tree of objects. Also you can select necessary object in the tree. It is possible to use popup menu item Edit or double click on the name of object in the tree. For each object type there is specific dialog for editing. For example:

General parameters for all objects:

  • Field Name is intended for change of object name.
  • Button Material is intended for opening dialog Material editor. You can set material of object (color or texture).
  • Button Path is intended for selection of prepared path for object (group of objects) from drop- down list with the purpose of creation of animated 3D scene.
  • If flag Show axes is checked then you can see coordinate axes of object. Each axis has its color: X - red, Y - green, Z - dark blue. Positions of coordinate axes of objects included in a group are defined relative to coordinate axes of parent (container for other objects).
  • Groups Position, Angle, Scale are intended for setting of position of object in 3D scene:
    - Group Position sets coordinates (positive and negative) of some base point.
    - Group Angle sets angles of rotation (positive and negative) relative to coordinate axes.
    Note: sequence of rotation operations along X, Y and Z is not commutative by its mathematical nature. It means that result of sequential rotations depends on the order of rotations. The sequence in the program Easy 3D Objects is: angle X, angle Y, angle Z.
    - Group Scale sets increase / decrease of the sizes of object relative to coordinate axes.



Besides general parameters each object (dummy cube, sprite, plane, disk, cube, frustum, sphere, cone, cylinder, annulus, torus, arrow line, space text, mirror) has individual groups of parameters: Sizes and Elements.