Material editor

This dialog is intended for editing of object material (color or texture).
material editor

Buttons Front and Back allow to set different color for front and back (internal) surface of object.

Properties of material relative to light:

  • Slider Shininess defines ability of material surface to shine at reflection of light (0 - 128). The more this factor the less size and intensity of a flash.
  • Ambient is material color in shadow (background color). It is defined by quantity of light, reflected from material part, which was illuminated ambient (reflected from other objects) light.
  • Diffuse is material color, reflecting direct light. Does not depend from viewing angle.
  • Emission defines color, emitted by material.
  • Specular defines color of flash and light spots. At change of camera position light flash will change also.

RGB is color space, based on three colors: red, green and blue.

Alpha is special channel of the image, defining transparency of pixels of source image. The white color means absolute opacity, black color - absolute transparency. This channel works if you select Transparency or Additive from drop-down list Blending mode.

Blending mode is method of mixing of object colors with colors of other objects, located deeper.

  • Opaque: it is impossible to see one object through another;
  • Transparency: it is possible to see one object through another;
  • Additive: at mixture colors are clarified. Mixture three basic colors: red, green and blue - gives white color. At pairwise mixture of basic colors receive additional colors, which add basic color to white (red + green = yellow; red + dark blue = purple; green + dark blue = blue).

Buttonmaterialfballows to change colors of front and back (internal) surface of object.
Buttonopenallows to load prepared template of material from file with extension .e3dm.
Buttonsaveallows to save your material as template in file with extension .e3dm.

Group Material preview contains window with view of front surface of virtual cube filled by color or texture. If flag Disable texture is unchecked you can choose texture for fill from GIF, JPEG(JPG), PNG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF- files.
Note: it is possible to use animated GIF- file.

material1 material2 material3 material4
Diffuse: R=0 G=0 B=0 Diffuse: R=255 G=255 B=255 Specular: R=0 G=0 B=0 Specular: R=255 G=255 B=255
material7 material5 material6 material1
Blending mode: opaque Blending mode: transparency Blending mode: additive Texture: animated GIF