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How to add frame

How to add frame?

Select menu item Image / Add or click the toolbar button add of Standard Toolbar. You can select BMP, JPEG, GIF, ICO, WMF, EMF, PCX, PNG, TGA or PSD- files for insertion from Advanced Open Picture Dialog (see parameters on tab Tools in File / Preferences dialog).


  • each new image is added to the end of the List of images. You can move image later to any place of the list;
  • you can resize added JPEG- files and Metafiles, if flag Invoke size dialog is checked in dialog File / Preferences (tab Add);
  • new images have attributes defined in dialog File / Preferences on tab New.
    GIF- file is a special case as it already contains frames with attributes. So you can leave original image attributes if you mark checkbox Keep original frame attributes of added GIF- files in dialog File / Preferences on tab Add;
  • GIF can contain no more than 256 colors. So it is important to define color reduction and dithering mode for added images in dialog File / Preferences on tab Add. Default values are Quantize with 8 bits and Nearest (nearest color matching without error correction).
Color reduction:  
Windows20 - reduce to the Windows 20 color system palette. color windows20
Windows256 - reduce to the Windows 256 color halftone palette. color windows256
WindowsGray - reduce to the Windows 4 grayscale colors. color windowsgray
Monochrome - reduce to a black / white monochrome palette. color monochrome
GrayScale - reduce to a uniform 256 shade grayscale palette. color grayscale
Netscape - reduce to the Netscape 216 color palette. color netscape
Quantize - reduce to optimal 2^n color palette. The Bits parameter specifies the desired number of colors (bits per pixel). color quantizebits4
QuantizeWindows - reduce to optimal 256 color windows palette. color quantizewindows