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bulActive GIF Creator - everything you need to create attractive and lightweight GIF animations.
Although Flash and Silverlight technologies are what most advanced web designers think of as the future of web interfaces, there are situations when using them is not reasonable. First of all, these technologies are quite complex and are not well suited for beginners. Secondly, there are situations when animation has to be added to a Flash-free site. Finally, seamless integration of a Flash movie into an existing design is not always possible. That’s when the good old animated GIF saves the game! If looking for a well-rounded, efficient and affordable tool for creating great-looking animated GIF’s, stop by Active GIF Creator!
Active GIF Creator is a comprehensive suite for creating, editing and optimizing animated GIF files. Affordable to anyone, it demonstrates the functionality that few other applications can boast, so don’t waste time and give it a try right away!

bulActive GIF Creator worked out great...I was able to redefine the graphics in our website and create just enough movement to make it interesting.
Joanna Michael

bulThank you very much. I love your program.
Mike Elzey

bulThank you very much for the time and effort to research my registration. I will definitely keep your company in mind for future products. This is the kind of customer service that people always hope for!
Bryan S. Slick

bulThanks for your excellent programme.

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