Easy Animation Tools

Animated GIF editors

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All our products are a try-before-you-buy programs. It means that you can download wanted zip archive from our site to evaluate capabilities of the program.
Note: trial versions have some functional limitations.

Step1. How to download a program?

Simply click on the download link. Your browser will then begin downloading the file. How long this takes depends on the size of the file, the speed of your modem, and the level of internet traffic on the server and the internet.

Step2. Please download evaluation copy of wanted product.

Programs Download links Limitations
Active GIF Creator
version 4.3
(16.13 MB)
GIFs saves with text "AGif - UNREGISTERED".
Animate Me!
version 2.2
(6.27 MB)
Export to GIF and AVI- files is disabled;
batch mode does not work.
Image Constructor
version 2.5
(7.19 MB)
Nag-screen; up to 10 objects on image; text "demo".
Easy 3D Objects
version 2.3
(4.75 MB)
Export to graphic files with dark blue criss- cross lines;
impossibly to save GIF- animation to file;
up to 10 objects in 3D scene.
Easy Banner Creator
version 3.4
(2.55 MB)
It is impossible to save banner to GIF- file.

Step3. How to install the program?

Unzip it using WinZip or WinRAR utility to any separate folder and run setup.exe file. Then follow the prompts to complete installation.