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Here we have listed the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

bul4Can I try out any your program before I decide to buy it?
Yes! You can download wanted program for FREE!
Note that there are some limitations for use of unregistered copies of our programs.

bul4Why is it necessary to buy (register) the program?
The main reason is to provide the authors with possibility to spend more time to develop new programs and add new features to existing programs. Also the authors will have more time to meet your demands for programs. Registered users need not make extra payments for new minor versions of our products. Also they have considerable discounts for our new major versions. All our programs are continuously enhance. So there is no reason to wait. If you buy any program now then first you can use it at once and secondly you will be save money on receipt of new program versions. So take advantage of this attractive offer and get our programs now!
Note that numbers of program versions consist of two numerals divided by point. First numeral is a major version, second numeral is a minor version. A major version releases as a result of additional functions which greatly expand program features.

bul4How I can purchase your software?
You can buy wanted program online and pay via our secure gateway with your credit card. Our payment services accept all major credit/debit cards! Your credit card information will be sent directly to the credit card processor in a highly secure manner. We ensure you that nobody but you and the automated credit card processor will see your credit card information. To get registration codes follow instructions inside our programs and on our Web- site. Also there are other payment methods: telephone and fax orders, check via postal mail, purchase orders.

bul4My company is thinking about using your animated GIF software. We would like to install it on many computers, is the specified price still holds or is it per machine?
One license (business or personal) allows you to use our program no more than on one computer in your company. If you need more workplaces with installed wanted program contact us and we give discount for multi- licences purchase.

bul4I am very interested in Active GIF Creator and I would like to purchase license to use it, but I do not know which license to buy.
Personal use license grants you the right to use this software for fun, to build your personal homepage, etc. You can use Active GIF Creator for any purpose if this usage does not bring you money.
Business license of this program grants you an ability to use the program for commercial purposes. Just two examples:
- you create a site or homepage for your client and he/she pays you money for that. This is a commercial use of the program for sure.
- you use it to build a site for your company. This site does not bring the money directly but it is used to represent your company on the Net, this representation brings you additional clients and these clients bring additional income. This is a commercial use of the program too.

bul4How to embed created GIF- file into PowerPoint?
You can put GIF in PowerPoint presentation like any other graphical file using menu item Insert/Picture/From file in MS PowerPoint program. PowerPoint has different versions. Help for PowerPoint 97 contains text - "only first frame from GIF is used". Old version does not animate GIF. PowerPoint 2002 supports animated GIF.

bul4When I add multiple graphics in Active GIF Creator I'm experiencing problems.
When you add image(s) from graphic file by menu item Image/Add, new images have attributes defined in dialog File/Preferences on tab New. GIF- file is a special case as it already contains frames with attributes. So you can leave original image attributes if you mark checkbox Keep original frame attributes of added GIF- files in dialog File/Preferences on tab Add . Some words about animation loops. It would be strange to use number of animation loops from added GIF- file as you can add several GIFs to your newly designed GIF. So you need to set animation loops on attribute toolbar tab Global. If you open some GIF by File/Open then Active GIF Creator uses all global settings and image attributes from this GIF- file.

bul4How to make an image as background of others images in Active GIF Creator?
If you want to create some moving object over background (for example, butterfly in flowers), it is better to create first non- transparent frame with background and attribute How to remove = Do not remove. Then you should create some number of transparent frames with the object; you can define different offsets for frames to reflect movement; attribute How to remove = To background color or To previous state. GIF size (and web download time) depends on sizes of separate images inside GIF. So it is better to make big background and small transparent frames with offsets instead of frames all with backgrounds and objects.
If you want to create some new image as combination of your two (or more) images (merge them) you should check one (or more) images in the list (left part of program window), then select the second image. You will see the combined image on tab Compose: it will be saved in new frame after operation Image/Operations/Merge.

bul4When I merge two BMPs together in Active GIF Creator I am getting strange results associated with change of colors.
You can try to apply operation Image/Attributes/Delete Local Palette for source frames before merging and then merge these frames. If frames have the same global palette then the merged frame will use this palette too. If two frames inside GIF have local palettes with different sets of 256 colors then the palette of merged frame will be converted to some new 256- colored palette.

bul4I'm trying Active GIF Creator. I cannot understand why in the animation the images overlap each other instead of appearing one after the other....
Possibly images in your frames are transparent. Uncheck Transparent attribute for the frames (page Image on Attribute Panel or select menu item Image/Attributes/Transparent).
Page New in Preferences dialog contains value of this parameter for new frames (images) in GIF- file. Initial transparent color of added bitmap- image is the color of the lower left pixel of added image.
Another frame attribute that influences animation is How to remove: Web browser decides, Do not remove, To background color, To previous state.

bul4I am looking for a batch mode/command line way to create an animated gif (with compression). Or even better, an API way of creating an animated gif. Can your Active GIF Creator do this?
Active GIF Creator has batch mode to create animated GIFs with compression - see topic Batch mode in help. We have not SDK/API for Active GIF Creator.

bul4I should be able to import GIF into MS Word?
Only the first image of a multi- image GIF is dispalyed in MS Word document. If we save document to HTML then this HTML will contain animated images.

bul4Can you tell me what interlace option does?
GIF- files support image interlacing to watch the image "fade-in" during download. This is helpful when the user has a slow Internet connection. It allows the user to get a glimpse of what the animation is even when the download is not fully complete. When you load big GIF image via slow Internet connection, first you will see rough image, then more and more fine. GIF format is old. Probably, today with speed connections interlacement is not so important.

bul4I would like to make animated clock in Active GIF Creator.
There are diiferent methods to create your animation.
- You can create your first image and then duplicate it (menu item Image/Operations/Duplicate) several times. Then you can make changes in separate images - for example, by relocating parts of images.
- You create first frame with background image with attribute How to remove = Do not remove. Then you create the second small image with changeable part of your animation and define its position with Image/Attributes/Offset. Set attribute How to remove = To previous state. You also can define this second image as Transparent (Image/Attributes/Transparent and Image/Attributes/Transparent Color).
- Then you create third (plus as many as demanded) small images with changeable part of your animatio like the second.
Active GIF Creator provides full control for each image and parameters in each frame. So you can create very complicated animations- all you want. But it demands some practice and basic knowledge.

bul4I am importing an AVI- file in Active GIF Creator and wish to make the background colour transparent.
GIF image can contain no more than 256 colors. So import of multi- colored images demands color reduction. Now the following settings are fixed for AVI import:
ColorReduction = Netscape
DitherMode = Floyd Steinberg

In most cases they produce good results. But it is better to have possibility to use parameters from Preferences (page Add). Different color reduction and dither mode can produce better results.

bul4I have several images that are drawing on a white background in Active GIF Creator. When I do the pixel reduction all but the first image display reverses the white and black part of the images. How is editing such images?
Optimization dialog Remove redundant pixels eliminates pixels in transparent image that already have been displayed in previous frame. Result depends on images itself in very great degree. Sometimes it may even increase size of GIF- file! So try both states of this checkbox: checked and not checked. Note that images you see in frames after such operations may be strange for you. But you must know that pixels will be combined with pixels from previous frames. For your case optimization transformed the second and other images to transparent frames with black transparent color. In practice it is better to work with original non- optimized GIF and make optimization for final release. Operation Restore frames in optimized GIF added in Active GIF Creator 2.16 helps you to create images more suitable for editing. Note that it is impossible to restore unoptimized GIF in its initial state. For example, in common case we unable to define exact frame that contained the pixel before optimization. So all frames (except the first) in restored GIF are not transparent. Another problem that two transparent frames may have different 256- colored local palettes, so we have image with more than 256 colors and must make color reduction (GIF color palette contains no more than 256 colors). It is better to have repository of your original non- optimized GIFs.

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