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Active CIF Creator-Tutorial

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Active GIF Creator 4.3 (AGIF) is a powerful tool for creation, editing, optimization and protection of great looking GIF- animations and other graphics for the Web and presentations.


Key features: support of BMP, JPEG, ICO, PCX, PNG, TGA, PSD, GIF- files and Windows Metafiles; internal image editor; animation scripts; a quantity of image editing operations; image effects; color palette support; import / export to different graphical formats; advanced open picture dialog (thumbnailer); GIF- file size powerful optimization; HTML image map editor; button creator; batch mode; image collections; clipboard operations.

This tutorial introduces you to the detailed information about creation, editing, optimization and protection of GIF- animations with the help of Active GIF Creator (AGIF).


Getting started

- How to add frame?
- Reordering frames.
- Frame's attributes: offset and transparency.
- Frame operations.
- Operations with frame part.
- Button creator.

Frame editing.

- Image Editor.
- Using of image collections.
- Editing of frame's attributes.

GIF- animation.

- Preview.
- Editing of animation parameters.
- Editing of global GIF- file attributes.
- Animation scripts.

GIF optimization.

- Optimal number of frames.
- Size and offset of image.
- Dialog "Optimize GIF".

File operations.

- Load file.
- Save file.
- Preview GIF- file on Web page.
- Protect GIFs from unauthorized use.

Individual preferences.

- Customize Toolbars.
- Create your own image collection.
- Select language.